Host City

The city of La Plata is the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the main state in the country. It has a population of near 800,000 inhabitants.

La Plata is located in the northeastern Province of Buenos Aires, only 56 km (34.80 mi) southeast of the city of Buenos Aires. You can get there in less than 1 hour if you take the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway by car or taxi. You can also take the train – “C” circuit, General Roca Line – from Buenos Aires.

Founded in 1882, the city of La Plata is a masterpiece of modern 19th Century urban planning. It is a great example of the “cleanliness” (nowadays, environmentalism) that was very important in those days, and it is the first city in the world built according to republican ideas. For these reasons, La Plata was awarded at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889, an event in which the new city was given the two gold medals awarded in the categories “City of the Future” and “Better performance built.”

The population is predominantly descended from Spaniards and Italians, but there are also groups of German, Arabic, Bolivian, Jewish, Paraguayan, Peruvian and Polish descent.

Architecture in the city


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